Blue Climax No 73 January 2003

Blue Climax No 73 January 2003 PDF Porn Magazine Featuring Jessica May Surprise Offer, Martina Mercedes Horny Stud, Greta Milos Casino Slut, Lilliane McClelland Sexual Athletes, Katina, Katia Lorov Anal Amour, Lovette Busty Star

All gamblers have one thing in common. They want to win and win big! But blonde-haired Tanya seemed different, and Rolf and his fellow roulette wheel operator, Rene, couldn’t understand what she was up to. Instead of sensibly spreading her bets, she had been betting small amounts all night, but always on double zero. It was as if she wanted to lose! Finally, just at closing time, when all the other guests had gone, Tanya suggested one last bet.

She smiled, “Lock the door. I’m willing to bet the best blow job you’ve ever had in your life that double zero comes up next.” “We’ll take that bet!” Rolf replied. “Me, too!” Rene echoed. Tanya lost her bet, but she didn’t seem to mind at all. And seizing both their cocks in her hands she said, “Let’s play double or nothing!” as she gave their surging shafts a lascivious lick.

Blue Climax No 73 January 2003
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 116 Pages | 65 MB


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