Blue Climax No 67 October 1997

Blue Climax No 67 October 1997

Blue Climax No 67 October 1997
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 108 Pages | 57 MB

Blue Climax No 67 From 90s Porn Vintage PDF Magazine Featuring Kristi Myst in Kinky Double, Maeva Dream in Paris Anal, Rossella Gracen in Sex Party, Eve Bianco and Rita Cardinale in Sex-Mad Girls And Anna Anuschka Marek in Sandwich Thrill

When Billy invited his girlfriend Ramona, for a weekend in the country, he also promised her that it would be unforgettable. Ramona knew that Billy always kept his promises, but she could not guess what he had in mind. He loved mysteries. The answer was simple…

She had always been talking about what a threesome would be like, and Billy had arranged to have her curiosity satisfied! As soon as she met Billy’s friend, Joe a handsome, very sexy negro, the answer came to her in a flash. Her pan-ties grew wet with anticipation, and she found herself hoping that Joe’s dick was as big as her lover’s. She was not disappointed! Ramona felt like Cleopatra.

The only difference was that she had two “snakes” to play with! Joe’s black “banana” was just as big as Billy’s cock, but it had a very different flavour. As she sucked it, she found herself wondering how it would feel in her hungry little cunt. She did not have to wait for very long!


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