Blue Climax No 58 May 1994

Blue Climax No 58 May 1994

Blue Climax No 58 May 1994
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 116 Pages | 87 MB

Blue Climax No 58 From Color Climax Porn Magazines PDF, Elegant And Sophisticated. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More. All Magazine Pages Are In Full Color

Georgette was cutting some flowers, when her new neighbour, Mons, walked by, carrying his groceries… Georgette had noticed the large lump in his trousers, and had been speculating about how she could get her hands on it. She decided it was time to break the ice, by inviting him in for a neighbourly cup of coffee, but Alfons had other ideas…

Even though he had never shot anything in his life except sperm, of course – Paul liked to impress his house guests by taking them on an early morning ride in the woods around his estate. They always took shotguns, but they were more for decoration than decimation… The truth was that Paul really preferred cunt-hunting to chasing little bunny-rabbits… One morning, he had been out…

In the past, the car was always the traditional place for fucking amongst young people in America. The bedroom was taboo, but not the drive-in-movie, a secluded spot on the campus, or a lonely place known only to lovers. Many an irate father must have wondered what the sticky stains on the back-seat of his “Chevvy” were all about… Sergej was a Russian diplomat based in Hungary, who thoroughly agreed with this decadent American habit. And whenever he found a willing girl, the rear of his limousine began to resemble a courtisan’s boudoir! And diplomatic missions were forgotten…


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