Blue Climax No 43 April 1989

Blue Climax No 43 April 1989
English, German, French | PDF | 100 Pages | 51 MB

Blue Climax No 43 April 1989 Featuring Barbara (CeeCee Model), Frank James and James Lewis in Hot Service, Conny Peters and Rally van Kamp in Sexy Present, Solange Hop, Jackie Hunt and Andreas Westphal in A Good Time In Nice, Angela Baron as Honey And Kascha and Francois Papillon in Tricky Chick

It was closing time in the exclusive little Munich restaurant, where Barbara had finished her first day of work as a waitress. The last customer had gone, and she was alone, except for Willy, the pianist and Freddy, the chef. Willy was a randy bastard, and Barbara was well aware that he was not only mentally undressing her – he was mentally fucking her too. The feeling excited her. She liked the idea of being a sex-object!

Susie was a “poor rich girl”… her boyfriend, Horst, was not from the same social strata -Susie preferred working class types – but his direct approach to sex was all that mattered to her! One afternoon, he turned up at her mansion, smiling slyly… -I’ve brought you a little present that will come in handy when I’m not here!” he told her. Susie was burning with curiosity… “Let’s go up to the house, I’m dying to see what it is!” she said excitedly…


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