Blue Climax No 32 September 1985

Blue Climax No 32 September 1985

Blue Climax No 32 September 1985
English, German, French | PDF | 96 Pages | 185 MB

Blue Climax No 32 An Exclusive Magazine From Color Climax Corporation

Featuring Models:
Sin City Girl – Jessica Stehl
High Class Fun – Michelle Davy
Horny Haircut – Ursula Gaussmann (Red Top)
Photo Trick – Desiree Barclay

As well as being the “City of Light”, Paris is also known as the “City of Sin”, and has several luxurious little hotels where nymphomanic women are known to have fun with rich, distinguished men… These lustful women do it exclusively for pleasure. One of the regular visitors to such a palace of erotics was a certain Anise, a lewd beauty from Reunion near Madagacar, whose family were very old fashioned and extremely bourgeoise in their ideas…

Anise ended up in a position that always gave her a great deal of pleasure: riding on a nice fleshy prick and having two others to play with at the same time. Whilst Andre pumped her wildly, filling her cunt to capacity, she fondled the other two phalluses just as though she were having sex in stereo and being “plugged” in the pussy at the same time. At one stage, Christophe made a little joke… “This woman’s just like the television, she’s got three channels too! Her mouth, arsehole and her cunny…! And she’s got nipples for volume and tone control buttons…!”

The nympho’s wish was quickly fulfilled… when her arsehole was penetrated by a long dong. Andre fucked her rear entry like a mad dog, giving himself – and Anise – some really great sensations. “I’ve got to admit,” Anise commented between sucking on the other’s dicks, “that it’s a bit painful, when one first gets it in, but after that, it’s so good… so good!” Andre felt precisely the same! With such a tight, flexible little rectum, the introduction of his penis had also been a bit hard. But nevertheless it was still an incredibly delicious feeling…


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