Blue Climax No 27 April 1984

Blue Climax No 27 Porn Magazine by Color Climax. If you’re looking for the ultimate in elegant erotica, the only choice has got to be Blue Climax! This Magazine is packed from cover to cover with the most gorgeous girls in sophisticated erotic action. And each page is filled with sexy surprises that put Blue Climax into a class of it’s own!

Taking a stroll along one of the canals in Copenhagen can be filled with a multitude of pleasant surprises. Especially if one is feeling horny, like Britta and Susanne, and doing one’s best to get picked up!

It was by chance that Britta suddenly recognised a guy she’d met in a discotheque a couple of weeks before. And Before she could say anything, he exclaimed: “Dear God! what a village Copenhagen really is! You’re the girl I met in that disco near the Town Hall Square, aren’t you?” Jens asked her, forgetting her name at first. “I can tell you something,” he informed her gallantly, “You were the belle of the ball! Oh, by the way,” he continued, introducing her to his companion, “this is my very good friend, Niels!” “And this is Susanne!” Britta replied.

Blue Climax No 27 April 1984
English, German, French | PDF | 96 Pages | 98.4 MB


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