Blue Climax No 15 April 1980

Blue Climax No 15 PDF Porn Magazine Iris and Ina, Joel’s Dirty Double. High-Class Photography Plus Hot Juicy School Girls, Learning About Love and Lust

John had almost given up on Sally. He hated waiting for his new girlfriend when she was late. He was about to go home, when he saw her walking down the street. “Sorry I’m late, she apologised, “my boss is a real slave-driver!” “Better late than never,” he replied, as he kissed her. “Come on, let’s go back to my place, we can have a drink and that!” Sally’s insides quivered with excitement. She was in no doubt what John meant by “and that!” …

Back at his place John poured them a couple of drinks. “I can’t stand waiting, when I’ve got something special on my mind!” he said. “And knowing your mind, there’s only one thing on it!” she smiled. John was wild for Sally’s cunt, the taste and delicate musky odour of it made him feel so horny that he could explode with lust. Having fingered the object of his adoration he made her kneel on the couch, so that he could sniff and suck to his heart’s content …

Blue Climax No 15 April 1980
English, German, French | PDF | 68 Pages | 64 MB


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