Blonde Come On

Blonde Come On

Blonde Come On (BX11 Gourmet)
English | PDF | 36 Pages | 33 MB

Blonde Come On A Gourmet Edition. A pornographic magazine illustrated with graphic, hardcore color pictorials of a blonde (Lorelei Rand) girl-next-door type having sex with a blonde guy.

I get horny at the strangest times. A slave to my cuntal cravings, I often find myself going out in search of a man with a hard cock. I found Hank at the newsstand. I knew right away he dug me. I had worn my tight white shorts and tee-shirt. He could not keep his eyes off my bod. He began to flirt, showing me a magazine in which two people were fucking. He had read my mind. I glanced at the picture with interest, then asked Rank if his meat could measure up to the model’s. When he grinned at me with confidence I knew I was in for a treat.

My hunk took me home. By the time we arrived I was creaming in my shorts. My pussy lips were swollen and my juices were dripping down my thighs. I lay on the couch so Hank could pull down my shorts. He smiled when he saw the pink lips of my cunt. I reached down to part them, begging him to tongue me there. He knelt down and toyed with my clit, then drove his tongue deep inside me. When he tongue-fucked my slit I went crazy. I was glad Hank was hungry to consume my sex.


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