Blockbusters No 02 (1977)

Blockbusters No 02 (1977)

Blockbusters No 02 (1977)
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The New Colour Magazine PDF Blockbusters No 02 (1977) Featuring Shelagh Harrison Britains Biggest Boobs

Dear Big Boobs Fans, Blockbusters is pleased to be back. We’ve been off the stands for a few years as Big Girls seemed to go out of fashion (all the men seemed to want was skinny birds). HOWEVER, in the last twelve months there has been a massive increase in the demand for BIG GIRL books and big boobs seem really to be back in fashion, so here we are with the NEW COLOUR BLOCKBUSTERS. We at Blockbusters plan to bring you the MOST ATTRACTIVE girls we can find with BIG BRISTOLS, many of our competitors seem to feature big girls, but really ugly ones!

Remember the Blockbusters policy, THE BIGGER THE BETTER. AND if any ladies (under 40) are reading this magazine with exceptionally large busts we’d love to feature them in our magazine. If you’d like to pose for us send a letter (and snapshot if available) to: The Editor (BB Magazine), 34 Upton Lane, London .

If you’re a BIB BOOBS fan there is a feature film going the rounds at the moment that should really appeal to you, its called ‘COME PLAY WITH ME’. This film has received a lot of publicity and stars Mary Millington. But we liked it mainly because it featured a few really busty birds in the ‘orgy’ scene in the film. The film is still showing at the Classic Moulin, Gt


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