Blade Volume 01 No 02 June 1975

Blade Volume 01 No 02 June 1975

Blade Volume 01 No 02 June 1975
English | PDF | 64 Pages | 134 MB

Blade Volume 01 No 02 June 1975 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine. Blade Magazine launched in May 1975 as Blade incorporating Carnival. It ceased publication in 1976 or 1977. Blade was published by Top Sellers Ltd of Wardour Street, London W1.

Featuring Models:
Pages 16 to 17 Luana Towne
Pages 23 to 26 Connie Fassbinder
Pages 31 to 34 Erika Soderstrom
Pages 39 to 41 Hedwig Andersson
Pages 48 to 50 Feature on the film The Session with Andee Cromarty, Ava Cadell, Heather Deeley and Samantha Steward
Pages 56 to 57 Michy O’Neill
Page 64 Lindy Benson as Lindy

A foggy day around Luana Townes You can see the fog. You can hardly see Luana Towne. She’s there. Isn’t she put. What you do see makes you want to see more. When the sun’s out. (We did; no pictures.) Actually, the fog isn’t fog. Actually Luana Towne isn’t Luana Towne. Her real name is Rosemarie. ‘Who the hell wants to date a Rosemarie, ugh!

I mole Luana from some South Seas musical on the Tate-show.’ That’s explained Luana. Now: about this fog. Luana’s to blame. She got her make-up, all her cold, hot and vanishing cream everywhere. All over the photographer. And his stuff. So who’s complaining? His camera mechanic. Vaseline, he’s used to. Nivea on he lenses—that’s tutu. Sensuous, though.


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