Black Silk Stockings Volume 01 No 04 (1958)

Black Silk Stockings Volume 01 No 04 (1958)

Black Silk Stockings Volume 01 No 04 (1958)
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Black Silk Stockings Volume 01 No 04 Retro Erotic PDF Published bimonthly by BATTERS PUBLICATIONS. INC. Copyrighted 1958 by BATTERS PUBLICATIONS. INC. Editorial and Advertising Offices located at 5880 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, California. This magazine has been published as an adult picture magazine, all models are +18 years old or more.

We are keeping our LIMBS trim in BLACK SILK STOCKINGS. With our Editorial Policy of placing heavy emphasis on the beauty that radiates from a trim pair of legs, now being praised by hundreds of letters from our readers. We have again in this Issue No. 4 of BLACK SILK STOCKINGS strived to maintain our high quality in photographs of beautiful girls with trim legs, trying to please our many readers.

We are indeed sorry to say at this time that it is impossible to offer subscriptions to BLACK SILK STOCKINGS. We are indeed flattered by the many requests for subscriptions but in the future please refrain from sending any more checks, money orders, and currency for subscriptions as this only necessitates added expense and time on our part in returning your money.

If any of our many readers would like to make any constructive criticism for the good of the magazine please feel free to write us as we sincerely appreciate your continued interest in maintaining only the highest quality in photographs of beautiful girls that meets with your complete satisfaction in BLACK SILK STOCKINGS.


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