Black Heat No 06 (1973)

Black Heat No 06 Fall 1973

Black Heat No 06 Fall 1973
English | PDF | 48 Pages | 76 MB

Black Heat No 06 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine From 70s From Marquis Page After Page Of Delectable Dark Darlings!

June’s in love with life. Her I senses are finely attuned to everything nature has to offer. She wakes up with a a bang and goes to sleep with life-affirming boom booms.

June has always been a dynamic, experience-embracing doll. In school she was always the first to initiate forbidden games. As an adult, at parties June’s the first reveler to douse the lights and yell, “Take off your clothes!” And if June’s on a date, and he’s a shy stud leave it to her to ignite the action. June’s busting out all over in more pleasant ways than one!

Possibly you might have noticed that girls with beautiful bodies like to show them. Some for pride, some for sheer deviltry, some merely for health reasons. On these pages are represented some of each, although it would be difficult to get the owners of the exposed skins to admit which of the categories they belonged to.

The main thing, it seems Po us, is that a lovely woman should be seen, and seen more of. Therefore, the fact that these cute mind-benders’ have divested themselves of all that is practical, affording us all a look at their divine distribution, should be enough to satisfy the most carping of critics. We shouldn’t quarrel with their attitudes, but be thankful for what is provided.


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