Biggest Bosoms No 01 (1989)

Biggest Bosoms No 01 (1989)

Biggest Bosoms No 01 (1989)
English | PDF | 68 Pages | 78 MB

Featuring Models:
Anna Lou as Sally Scans 8 – 11
Nikki King as Wendy Scans 12 – 15 & 67
Helga Sven as Helga Scans 26 – 29
Nika Movenka as Tawny Scans 30 – 33
Toni Kessering as Irene Scans 35 – 39
Elaine Collins as Vera Scans 40 – 43, 66 & 68
Sylvia McFarland as Paula Scans 48 – 53
Joyce Spaeth as Pamela Scans 62 – 65

These are the dolls with the Treasure Chests. These babes are Built like A Brick Kremlin and they know what the fellows like. They love to share their bounty with just the right dude and if you are one of the happy few you will be in for the treat of your life. These cuties have huge, anxious, friendly tits.

NINA–This tawny haired doll loves the outdoors and men who appreciate what she’s got. And she’s got lots to appreciate. She dates airline pilots and truck drivers as well.

SALLY–She loves a man to pop off her bra and get down to business. She’s ready for love most of the time, she says. She can’t stand a guy who fiddles around when he could be balling her.

WENDY–This Spanish honey likes a man to wine and dine her but she’s prepared to show her appreciation if he’s cool. She’s built and knows it. She is glad the guys like her bod.

ARLENE–Dark haired and sassy, this chick doesn’t worry about having a date on Saturday night. Guys are always hitting on her and she likes it fine. She like to pick and choose.

BARBARA–She knows what she likes, and what she likes is men. She’s glad men stare at her and wouldn’t have it any other way. She can ball all night if she’s in the mood and usually is.

TAWNY–Not shy, this babe loves to show off her boobs. She enters Wet T-Shirt contests and is no stranger to winning. She likes the Horizontal Rumble and loves to give a guy a Tit Job.

IRENE–Long haired and lovely, she loves to flirt. She has a job that puts her on the road a lot and she meets a lot of men. She keeps her eye open for just the kind of dude she goes for.

SHERRY–This generously built lady likes a dude on a Harley. She is fast, on a bike or in the rack.

PAULA–Black and beautiful, she is a college grad and likes a dude in a 3-piece suit. She knows how to order dinner in French and loves to wear sexy undies that show off her goodies.

VERONICA–This blonde vision loves a man who goes for her boobs and is up front about it.

BABETTE–This doll is sweet and gorgeous and willing to please. If you ring her bell you can make beautiful music with her–any time. She’s got a great pair of knockers and likes to share.

VERA–Not the type to waste time or effort, she is quite capable of making a pass at a dude. When she sees what she wants, she goes after it and what she usually wants is muscles and whang.

PAMELA–Most often described as “cute” and “built”, this sweetie does a little posing in the raw for photogs, just for fun. She likes to show it all off and she’s got plenty to show.


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