Big Ones International Volume 04 No 07 (1993)

Big Ones International Volume 04 No 07 (1993)

Big Ones International Volume 04 No 07 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Featuring Tommy Ta-Ta’s Titanic Titties! And Models Crystal Topps, Lisa Phillips, Justa Dream, Wendy Whoppers

I travelled by coach from London to Plymouth last weekend to be with my parents for their golden wedding anniversary. In the coach station lounge I clocked this absolutely gorgeous girl in a skirt scarcely long enough to cover her arse. However, what interested me even more was the way her huge, heavily-pendulous breasts strained at her denim blouse. Her response when she caught me staring was to smile and suggestively cross and uncross her legs – more than enough to give me a raging hard-on.

I stood behind her in the boarding queue. When she bent down to pick up her suitcases, her skirt rode up to reveal her tightly-knickered bottom and the tips of her dangling breasts were almost level with her knees. It seemed only natural to goose her making sure no one was looking, of course. “If that had been anyone else, I’d have slapped them,” she smiled. “Are you going to sit next to me, then, you naughty boy?”

The knowledge I’d scored – and so easily – made my cock not simply stand on end, but to drip enough love juice to form a damp patch in my underpants. Imogen was a student at City College, off to spend the weekend with her parents, just like me – and she spread a copy of The Times over her lap. “Now you can put your hand up my skirt without anyone seeing,” she purred. I replied I was more …

Big Ones International Volume 04 No 07 (1993)
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