Big Ones International Volume 03 No 07 (1992)

Big Ones International Volume 03 No 07 (1992)

Big Ones International Volume 03 No 07 Bra Crystal Storm! Storm In A D-Cup! 58″ Pumped Pink Pillows Inside!! 132 Pages Of Balloon Breasted Babes!! Leanne Lovelace, Jay Sweet, Devon Daniels & Lisa Phillips, Crystal Storm

Do I turn you on too? she enquired. crossing her gorgeous thighs confidently. I started to mutter something about being small framed and not that very well hung… but it was all academic. she was undoing her blouse buttons and I warmed to her immediately. Her big. round boobs were topped off with the loveliest pink nipples I’d ever seen. they stood out all soft and succulent atop all that buxom flesh.

Lick them if you want.” she coaxed. Then she checked her watch and said: “I’ve got the car mechanic coming round in about an hour though – we’ve had a thing going for a week or two, you see.” I quickly moved in and took one of her peachy orbs into my mouth -smothering her aureolae with my wet greedy lips.

She was stroking my cock through my trousers but. within minutes, she’s got it out and massaged it until it was rock hard. “You’re a boobs man aren’t you.” she whispered, rubbing me vigorously, “Let me guess. you’d like me doggo – just so you can see my tits wobbling.”

Big Ones International Volume 03 No 07 (1992)
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