Beauty and the Camera No 21 (1957)

Beauty and the Camera No 21 (1957)

Beauty and the Camera No 21 (1957)
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Vintage PDF Magazine Peter Gowland 1957 Beauty and the Camera No 21 With Elsa Martinelli Model In Cover.

By Adolphe Barreaux The basic ingredient in making glamorous photographs of the fair sex is a cloak of enchantment cast by the photographer
THE prime requisite for making glamour pictures is imagination. Practically every other type of photography depends upon realism; the truthful rendition of the subject as seen through the uncompromising camera lens. But glamour is something different.

It comes not from the camera, not entirely from the model, no matter how beautiful she may be, but mainly from the insight and inventiveness of the photographer. It is a cloak of enchantment with which he envelops his subject to produce a picture that is above and beyond a mere record of physical appearance. Since glamour invariably means beautiful women, it is not surprising that many photographers have gone into this interesting and intriguing field. Many of them have devoted their entire efforts to it.

Gerry Low bounced three strobe lights from walls and ceiling for this stylish, contrasty rendition of the beauty of Fran Matthews. Camera was Rottenlex, stopped down to file. Film was Verichrome Pan.


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