Beautiful Britons Volume 07 No 83 (1962)

Beautiful Britons Volume 07 No 83 (1962)

Beautiful Britons Volume 07 No 83 (1962)
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Beautiful Britons Volume 07 No 83 (1962) PDF Vintage Magazine Cover Girl Mind the Dew! Dizzy Zizi , Roman Emperor Had Drunks Shut Up With Monkeys! Continental Cuties Zeeta Sweet Siren Kitchen Capers Mad About Music a Long Way Indeed the Written Word Shades of Aladdin What’s in a Name’

“Yesterday,” said Hclioglabalus, the Emperor of Rome. “I walked on roses. Today. I shall walk on lilies, and tomorrow my slaves will strew violets for my noble feet.” Helioglabalus became emperor, and from that time he decided to make life a dance. He hated accepted ideas, and was determined to use every minute of his time in some form of pleasure. the more costly it was, the better he was pleased.

He gave panics every day, but if any of his guests got drunk, he had them shut up in a great cage of monkeys, or in a cell with some very ugly old Ethiopean women He maintained that no matter what he wished for, it must he obtained at once or he would be unhappy, and as a consequence, Rome would suffer.

In the spring, his feast table was covered with the fresh green buds of plants and trees, and as the season advanced, more and mart flowers were added. When winter came, the slaves were sent into the countryside to gather evergreens and berries to delight his eyes whilst he feasted—and what feasts he arranged.


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