Bare Black No 10 (1987)

Bare Black No 10 (1987)

Bare Black No 10 (1987) (Marquis)
English | PDF | 40 Pages | 49 MB

Bare Black No 10 Vintage PDF Pornographic Magazine Vintage Published By Marquis. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

I suppose women with a slow sex drive could look at my situation and consider me fortunate. I must have been born with a sexually anxious body. I’ve always been restless and often called down by my parents and teachers for squirming constantly in my seat or for swinging my leg or wiggling a foot. Of course, I also bit my nails and scratched my scalp.

I was always moving and always felt restless and unfulfilled. However, things changed quickly when I discovered masturbation. Once my curious fingers learned what to do with my clitoris that brought me to my first orgasm, I’ve learned how to shed all my anxieties and stop vibrating and being restless most of the time.

For the first month after the first orgasm. I must have repeated this heavenly sensation hundreds of times. I slowed up a bit after looking in the mirror and seeing just how I was wrecking my valuable youth. The lack of sleep and loss of energy through constant masturbation wore me consider-ably. My parents thought I was I learned it was not right over-doing a good thing.

It took sheer willpower to control myself for I had become addicted to sexual orgasms. I believed my nervous body needed the soothing after effects which calmed my nerves. It took a while to learn to space orgasms so that they produced the proper effects on my body. After a bit of experimentation, it suits me best to come twice daily.


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