Bamboo Volume 01 No 12

Bamboo Volume 01 No 12 (1955)

Bamboo Volume 01 No 12 Retro Magazine Black And White Froms 50s Published By R.P.S., Bolton, UK

I was miles away from anywhere and anyone. (or so I thought) when I had my embarrassing moment. It was a really beautiful day, the first after a bad spell of rain, so I decided to visit a friend who lived way out in the country. I must have been about half way there when my car decided CO break down, right bang in the middle of the moorland and me without a clue regarding cars.

I knew there was an A.A. box on the road running parallel so I decided to cut across the fields to try to contact one of their men. The first thing though was to climb a fence, that’s when it happened! Whoosh! I fell right into a pool of water! Now I’m a girl who always wears bloomers when I’m driving, they stop the draughts. and it was the bloomers that got the soaking! I was cursing my luck and at the same time removing the offending garment when I heard a shout, and there, not ten yards away was an A.A. man! Needless to say I finished my Journey in maximum discomfort, not daring even to think of taking them pff.

Bamboo Volume 01 No 12 (1955)
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