Bamboo Volume 01 No 11

Bamboo Volume 01 No 11

Bamboo Volume 01 No 11 Vintage Black And White Erotic PDF Magazine From 50s Published By R.P.S., Bolton, UK.

For that great occasion that takes up a third of a person’s lifetime, Sheila wears something really special, a pair of magnificent, flamboyant spectacular … oh. oh, I think there is some-thing funny going on. What on earth is Sheila laughing at? Well of all the nerve. She says that for bed she doesn’t wear any fabulous creations. In fact she prefers to have a break from her habitual changing and sleep in the well, you know what we mean. Goodnight!

These, she says, are dual purpose panties, ideal for an evening’s relaxation and the type of garment every fashion conscious girl should wear. We must admit, that although the book may be of great interest to Sheila, and probably the type of book we should be reading, our favour leans towards Bamboo and to more pictures of Sheila.

A recent assignment meant that our photographer had to contact a model at a minute’s notice, so that he could take some shots of a new nightdress, the photographs of which were wanted immediately. Unfortunately there wasn’t a model available at the time who could do the job, but just as he was about to start tearing out his hair, one of the office girls volunteered to fill the breach. Just for the record, her name is Jill and she hails from Birkenhead.

Bamboo Volume 01 No 11
English | PDF | 48 Pages | 6 MB


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