Bamboo Volume 01 No 10

Bamboo Volume 01 No 10

Bamboo Volume 01 No 10
English | PDF | 44 Pages | 6 MB

Bamboo Volume 01 No 10 Vintage Black And White Erotic PDF Magazine From 50s Published By R.P.S., Bolton, UK.

Yes I must tell you about this new job of mine, honestly it’s terrific, and the clothes I wear, they’re a dream. The funniest part was the interview though, you would have laughed. Anyway I’ll tell you about it.

It all began after I had written in reply to a Box No. advertisement in the local paper, which read: ‘Wanted, Girl To Sell Cigarettes. Sweets, etc.’ Thinking it was a normal shop assistant’s job, or possibly a kiosk attendant’s you could imagine my surprise when I got there and the manageress said to me: “Right my girl, off with your clothes!” You could have knocked me down with a corked-tipped!

Nearly every modern Miss one speaks to is in some way or other figure conscious, if it isn’t dieting or taking some form of slimming pills, its fantastic foundation garments designed to give maximum discomfort. Whichever way you look at it hardly any of the suggested treatments seem to have the desired results.

However Kay Cryne the gay little girl in our article seems to have the right idea and although we don’t suggest you try to match her contortions we do agree that the most successful way to a better figure is Exercise …


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