Bamboo Volume 01 No 07 (1955)

Bamboo Volume 01 No 07 Vintage Retro Erotic 50s Magazine Published By Cameo Productions, Bolton, UK

THAT IS THE QUESTION. Well, I ask you, what is a girl to do? First, I find myself in the middle of nowhere with a car that won’t go. Even though I look in all the usual places, under the bonnet and under the car, just like all the genuine mechanics do, I can’t find a thing.

For this reason we have decided to dedicate a portion of our magazine to a new face each month. A face and a figure that we feel will go a long way up that elusive stairway.

Value for money this month readers ! Two for the price of one. ANNETTE & COLETTE La VERNE are twins, and a lovelier pair you’ll never meet. Colette (on the left in all our pictures) is married and a mother, whilst Annette is still fancy free. The girls come from a real show business family and were literally born into the profession, in fact on tour in a trailer ! If this isn’t a good grounding for a journey up the Stairway of Success, nothing else is! Look out then readers, you’ll be seeing lots more of the La Verne twins I

Bamboo Volume 01 No 07 (1955)
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