Bamboo Volume 01 No 03 (1955)

Bamboo Volume 01 No 03 Vintage Retro Classic Erotic Magazine From 50s Published By Cameo Productions, Bolton, UK For Adults Only

For ordinary purposes any girl knows how to take her clothes off. But if she wants to disrobe on the stage she requires an education. That’s the contention of Miss Lillian Hunt, once a stripper herself, and now a proprietress of chool for strippers. Miss Hunt holds her classes backstage at the New Follies Theatre in Los Angeles where she is also the producer of the show. Miss Hunt only has a few students at a time. At present her class consists of only three girls, “Venus, the body,” “Thunder” and “Desire.” Miss Hunt names the girls herself, she feels that names are most important. She invented names for such headliners as Tempest Storm and Lorali.

TAN IA VELIA is a native of Zagreb, Yugoslavia and has only recently taken up residence in Hollywood. An interesting tale Tania has to tell is the way she managed to get to America. This is what she told our photo-grapher at her first interview: “Having wanted to come to the U.S.A. for many years to try for a career, but because no visas were being issued, I entered and was accepted for the Olympic swimming team and when the team went to Austria to compete, I refused to return to Yugoslavia, with the help of an aunt and uncle in New York, I was finally able to reach the U.S.” We say “Well done Tania and we hope your recent screen test with Warner Bros. is successful.”

Bamboo Volume 01 No 03 (1955)
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