Bachelor's Home Journal No 06 (1971)

Bachelor’s Home Journal No 06 (1971)

Bachelor’s Home Journal No 06 (1971)
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Bachelor’s Home Journal No 06 (1971), is printed and distributed on a quarterly basis. This publication is produced to portray today’s contemporary social mores. Places and names are fictitious unless otherwise indicated.

Although men usually see themselves as the only people able to enjoy a state of bachelorhood, and women as some sort of predatory creatures lying in wait to capture an unwary man, many women can and do live happily single. For such women, getting sexual satifaction isn’t nearly as difficult as it is for their male counterparts.

A woman can al-ways readily find a sex partner by mere virtue of her gender—a man must woo and pursue, beg and convince before he comes any-where near climbing in bed with a girl. Bachelorettes, as they have been called, are usually women with strength of purpose and the ability to get along alone in a rather toughly competitive world.

Nevertheless, they, too, need and want the love, attention, and physical satisfaction of some likeminded man. When all is said and done, nothing takes the place of a hard cock and strong arms for most women. Maybe for a while fantasies and artificial devices and perhaps even lesbian sex quiets many of the sexual hungers deep within a woman, but eventually the day comes when a man’s sexual services are needed. When that day comes, some women will have the courage to honestly go out and look for a fuck.

Others not quite so bold may go about their search in much less obvious ways. One cannot exactly call such women devious, rather they should be characterized as subtle. In this issue, some of the diversified ways in which single women go about getting their thrill are examined. First, we have a lonely, foreign girl who helps her own fantasies come true.


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