Australian Penthouse Black Label July 1995

Australian Penthouse Black Label July 1995

Australian Penthouse Black Label July 1995 The Australian Men’s Magazine Vintage Volume 16 No 07 PDF For Adults Only Featuring Hot Stories, Sexy Models And More …

Several years ago, during a typical Perth heatwave, my then girlfriend Debbie suggested that we visit our favourite beach, Swanbourne, which also happens to be a nudist beach. No sooner had we arrived at the secluded northern end of the beach than a strong sea breeze arrived, whipping up the fine sand and causing most people to head home. We debated doing the same, but seeing as we’d just arrived and had brought a wind break we decided to stay.

We stripped naked and soon found ourselves the only people on the beach, except for another naked couple who had also just arrived and set up about 50 metres further up the beach. I then noticed that they were getting into some pretty heavy petting, and being a bit of a voyeur at heart I found myself watching more intently. Soon it was apparent they were at the beach for only one thing to fuck. Surely they must have known I was watching. When the girl spread her legs and the guy got on top, I got an instant hard-on.

Australian Penthouse Black Label July 1995
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