Anal Weekend April May June 1985

Anal Weekend April May June 1985

Anal Weekend April May June 1985 (Gourmet)
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Anal Weekend April May June 1985 PDF Porn Vintage Magazine For Adults Only

It was summer and I was on vacation in Hollywood. I’d left my friend back at the hotel and was cruising on my own. I came on strong to the first guy I eye-balled and liked. He couldn’t believe I was picking him up, never having met a really bold slut before. He was used to snotty west coast cunts who don’t appreciate a good, fast, raw fuck with a hot stranger. I’m from New York, as Richie soon found out. He wasn’t much to look at, but he was horny, nasty-minded and up for anything, including anal. He was my kind of guy.

Certainly, his dick was adequate. The bulge I’d noted and groped through his jeans lengthened to a respectable 7″ when exposed to the air and my mouth. I mounted his lap eagerly, for suddenly I was aching to get fucked. My pussy was wet and slightly athrob. A climax danced before me, just an itch and a rub away. I knew he wouldn’t go soft or flake out before I came. I’ve long had a knack for picking men who deliver when gush comes to shove.

I liked his dirty mind. He had a natural instinct for erotic perversity that made him do the things he did. Cocksucking is always fun when you’re attracted to a guy, but it never hurts when the blow job recipient adds little extras for your amusement, like anal masturbation with a dildo. By the time I returned to the hotel that night I had jelly for knees. Richie had fucked me in all of my holes, leaving me as limp as a ragdoll, but satisfied. After that kind of afternoon I would not have to go out on the prowl again for a good 24 hours at least.


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