Anal Sex No 97 January 1996

Anal Sex No 97 January 1996

Anal Sex No 97 January 1996 (Color Climax)
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 100 Pages | 87 MB

Anal Sex No 97 PDF Katia enjoys her first sandwich! Super Edition all in color. Published by Color Climax company classic porn magazines

There is something to be said for keeping in shape, especially if one has the kind of “shape” that Anas-tasia and Mira had! There was only one reason the two friends had for becoming members of a keep-fit class – the promising-looking bulge in their intructor’s costume… In other words, they were more interested in Johan’s “love-muscle” than in developing muscles of their own.

One afternoon, they had the class to themselves, and Anastasia was intent on showing Johan how Mira’s “chest” had developed since they had started on his course… Johan was very impressed – his big erection … proved this beyond doubt… “How come this ‘muscle’ always seems to get a lot bigger without any exercise?”

Mira asked innocently whilst Johan and Anastasia shared a very wet kiss. “It’s a question of mind over matter!” Johan replied. “I don’t mind how my prick gets hard, and as long as it does, how can it matter?” The girls had no answer. A big erection was what they wanted, regardless of how…

John responded by diving between her legs and licking her fragrant little cunny… Anastasia gave a groan of pleasure as his tongue did wonderful things to her slit not to mention what his finger was doing to her tight little arsehole… He slid his “boner” deep into her hungry, gaping snatch, but Anastasia, wanted some-thing else… “Fuck my arsehole!” she cried wantonly…


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