Anal Sex No 86 November 1992

Anal Sex No 86 erotic dildo game, plus more… The original world famous anal magazine. Color Climax special anal selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Seductive Susie is a Frisco stripper with a constant itch in both holes that needs “scratching” all the time. Her fellow artistes call her “The Dildo Queen,” because of the refined, double-pronged phallus she uses. Susie showed us how she scratches her itch, and then she went home to enjoy a really nice fuck!

Mmmm, this was really worth the ride! Angie sighed happily as Benny tongued her crack and Duke gave her his prick to eat. You haven’t seen anything yet, honey!” Duke promised her, as his friend rolled her over and plunged his weapon into the depths of her crack. Duke wasn’t lying. As Benny fucked her, she felt Duke’s finger…

Angie had never been sandwiched before, but she made up her mind to try it again. But next time, she wouldn’t get taken by surprise! “That was amazing,” she smiled as Duke kept on pumping away at her rear-entry. But she politely declined when Benny offered to repenetrate her pussy.

Anal Sex No 86 November 1992 (Color Climax)
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 76 Pages | 30 MB


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