Anal Sex No 50 September 1983

Anal Sex No 50 September 1983 The Original World Famous Anal Magazine. Original Issue Published By Color Climax, All In Color

Olaf was a photographer who specialised in sexy sequence, and he was always on the lookout for young, willing chicks. His favourite photographic theme was more than just sex – it was “anal sex”. It was no problem for Olaf to find girls who’d pose In the nude, but when it came to getting ‘tucked in the arse, they either refused or demanded outrageous fees…

That’s why Olaf fell extremely happy when he came across Ulla, a sweet and lovely Danish girl who in-formed him outright that she didn’t mind dabbling in the “Greek Art”. They had met each other In a Copenhagen park, and from the very beginning it looked as though they were going to be more than business contacts! Olaf took a few photos of her in the park, and then invited her back to the studio for the real work of the day!

Even while they’d been in the park, Ulla had revealed her depilated cunny by raising her dress like a flasher, and Olaf had congratulated himself on finding someone unique! At 11w stage, he hadn’t known whether his new find would take it up the bum or not, but he intended to find out, and that was for sure! As Olaf began taking shots, Ulla started to behave readily. Between poses they kissed each other passionately, and Olaf decided that the lime was right to show his interest in her bottom …

Anal Sex No 50 September 1983
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