Anal Road American Collection of Erotica

Anal Road American Collection of Erotica

Anal Road American Collection of Erotica Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Featuring Pornstar Kristie Duval

It’s the dream of everyone with a strange or kinky sexual twist: finding the perfect mate, that serendipitous discovery of a sex partner who’s been looking for someone just like YOU! The dashing young man in the pages of this magazine met his lady love while both were competing In a major horse show.

He likes to use his riding crop on the naked, quivering buttocks of a beautiful young girl … and she thrills to tho tattoo of black leather on her bare ass! The guy not only digs riding horses, he likes to put the steel and leather bit between the teeth of a lovely lass then mount her naked back and ride HER about the living room. For the cute blonde he met at the show, getting spurred and ridden is sheer bliss!

Moreover, she’d rather have a thick, throbbing cock driven up her asshole than to get it gently deposited in her tender pussy .. and there’s nothing her …

In a movement that seemed almost compulsive, the girl bent over Rolls lap and slid her puckered lips over the cap of his dick. Then she was sucking it noisily, like a …

Anal Road American Collection of Erotica
English | PDF | 38 Pages | 33 MB


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