Anal Luder No 06 February 2000

Anal Luder No 06 February 2000

Anal Luder No 06 February 2000 (Silwa)
English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch | PDF | 84 Pages | 15 MB

Anal Luder No 06 February 2000 Porn PDF International Color Magazine Published By Silwa Company Including Anal Anarchy, Secretary Of Sex, Tender Tackling

My girlfriend wouldn’t believe that you’re going to hit upon the horniest guys in the self-service laundry! Of course, we took the fellow straight away to our place. We just wanna find out whether he can stand the heat and the shakes, and whether he’s on expert in all fucking programs as well as in squirting fizz!

Nadine got pop-eyed when she learnt that my recent fucker screws anything put in front of the tip of his dick Kaboom, the dong was sticking in her asshole. I just had to supply my share of hot emotions, and off we dashed for banging in concert…

You know your bum is smelling great, David panted, keeping on licking my hard clit with his tongue. “You horny son of a bitch”, I shouted back. When I bit invitingly his throbbing dick, I had this notion that I would get a plug for my butts.

I thought heaven was going to hit me hard on the hem when he shoved his cock into my backdoor! Then the strain ceased, I became somewhat relaxed. Now the dick fits into my ass as it does in my pussy. A good deed everyday, I thought as I was looking forward to the land of wet adventures.


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