Anal Delights No 03 March 1994

Anal Delights No 03 March 1994

Anal Delights No 03 March 1994 (Gourmet Editions Magazine)
English | PDF | 36 Pages | 131 MB

Anal Delights No 03 March 1994 Gourmet Editions Magazine PDF Featuring Pornstar: Mystery Box All In Color

Joey’s dick plunges hard and deep, filling my body with its maleness. I can feel his balls quivering, getting ready to discharge a big load of cream! I like the taste of cum. When Joey shoots off a load, I try to get as much as possible in my mouth so I can revel in it!

Sometimes there’s so much I can’t hold it all, but it’s fun licking my chops afterward to get up the stray juices. I want it all! One orgasm doesn’t slow down this fucker. He sticks his dick right back in me — up my supertight asshole! We both grunt like a couple of pigs in heat. Any way we do it is good, but having his dick up that particular hole is very special!

I think it’s safe to say that I’m primed for sex all the time. All Joey has to do is touch me or give me a light kiss, and that sets me off!


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