Amazons Oriental Magic No 07 (1994)

Amazons Oriental Magic No 07 (1994)

Amazons Oriental Magic No 07 (1994)
English | PDF | 68 Pages | 137 MB

Amazons Oriental Magic No 07 (1994) Vintage Porn PDF Magazine With Half Of Pages In Color And Other Half Black And White Pages

When it rains in Hong Kong, it certainly rains, I looked up at the sky, not that there is a great deal of sky to see when one is amidst a forest of towering glass and concrete buildings. The clouds that I could see were heavy with unshed water. That water was not going to remain up there for very long! Crossing the harbour a little earlier on the famous Star Ferry, I had gazed upwards at the colony’s landmark. Shadowing all the high rise monuments to high finance was Victoria Peak, shrouded in the dense clouds. That had made me decide against ascending it on the popular funicular railway, known as the Peak Tram.

Despite the agony in my goolies, I wanted to get to my feet before one of the over zealous members of the Hong Kong police arrived and arrested me for performing in the street without a licence! “I hurt your bollocks. Yes?” asked the girl with the umbrella. “You can say that again,” I winced. “I hurt your bollocks. Yes?” she dutifully intoned. I nodded, aware of her use of the common name for testicles. It sounded so erotic coming from her lips. The crowd began to drift away, but the two girls sheltering under the native umbrella…


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