Amazons Black Magic No 08 (1994)

Amazons Black Magic No 08 (1994)

Amazons Black Magic No 08 (1994)
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Amazons Black Magic No 08 (1994) Including Sexy Sluts, Hot And Black, Black Beauties. All Models Over 18 Years Of Age

Like a lot of men I have long dreamt of starring in a porno movie but when the chance actually arose I was more than a little nervous. A mad keen athlete I workout regularly at a gymnasium, I get on well with a lot of the guys there but don’t necessarily know much about them. It turns out this was especially true of Raymond, we worked the weights together on several occasions but never really talked about our work.

The last time we met was in the showers. I am very big in the prick department and I noticed Raymond staring at my fat tool, I was getting near to the point of thumping him when he suddenly asked how would I like to earn five hundred pounds for shagging two women.

As you can appreciate I was speechless, he explained that he made a very good living directing sex videos and he was looking for a well endowed stud to fuck two black girls in his latest production. Without a moment’s hesitation I agreed, only later, when I had time to think did I begin to doubt my ability to satisfy two women in front of the cameras.

Raymond phoned a couple of days later to confirm the date of filming, it was just one week later! He also advised me to avoid all sex until that time. Those seven days seemed to drag on forever, I wanted to get fucking! Each long day of celibacy increased my yearning yet further until all I could think of was those two black pussies. Eventually the arranged time arrived and I stood outside the large studio trying to …


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