Amazons Asian Magic No 07 (1994)

Amazons Asian Magic No 07 (1994)

Amazons Asian Magic No 07 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine From 90s Featuring Hong Kong Hot Shots, Slitty Eyes & Open Thighs, Hot & Wet Sushi. All Models Over 18 Years Of Age

“I’m coming, Kim!” I gasped. She gurgled an acknowledgement, nodding her head and so levering my about-to-spew tool up and down. “Hmmm! Aagghhhh!” I made all kinds of sounds, as I tried to keep back my flow — an impossible task, of course. I started tearing at her jet black, shiny hair. I stifled a cry as best I could, as my spunk swept through my cock into Kim’s mouth. I saw her swallowing as she continued with her oral ministrations to my shooting prick. My eyes rolled and I wallowed in sheer delight as the Chinese girl vacuumed what seemed like gallons of spunk from my tool.

Eventually, the flow of sperm ceased and my well agitated cock began to melt a little in Kim’s mouth. She then licked it dry before raising her head. “You like?” she asked, a big grin on her pretty face. “Yeah,” I nodded. “I like very much.” I watched her gathering some sperm, which was trickling down her chin, with the tip of her finger. Then, she sucked on it, clearly relishing the taste. “I think you deserve some chewing gum after that, Kim,” I smiled. Still lying down on the lallang, I made to pull up my pants. The girl, however, stopped me. “Leave trousers down,” she said. “Dick will soon get stiff again:’

Amazons Asian Magic No 07 (1994)
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