Amazons Asian Magic No 05 (1994)

Amazons Asian Magic No 05 (1994)

Amazons Asian Magic No 05 (1994)
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Featuring Ann Stephens PDF Vintage Porn Magazine Amazons Asian Magic No 05 (1994) Solo Hot Asian Beaver!

I walked into the arena just as one of the navy blue team was about to score. The female making the throw had her back to me. She was quite tall for a Chinese girl. Her action revealed the soft, rounded undersides of her bottom, which the short skirt failed to conceal. I licked my lips greedily at the sight of the ochre-skinned hummocks. As I walked towards the little stand, I found myself applauding as the ball dropped through the basket. The girl turned to me and smiled to reveal her gleaming, white teeth. Then, she hurried away to take up her position.

Being the only European present, I felt a bit conspicuous, so I decided to sit by myself on the back tier of the steel tube and timber construction. The game continued and I delighted in the sights of jiggling breasts, browny-yellow limbs and flashes of knickers. It was a quite noisy affair. The speccies yelled encouragement and talked to their neighbours as though they were about a hundred yards away! On the court, the girls cried excitedly. I found their voices in the Cantonese dialect quite a turn on — as well as their sexy outfits.

I paid particular attention to the girl I had seen score. She seemed to be prettier than the rest, with her black hair tied in a pony tail. Her legs were slim, yet shapely and I could not help but wonder if they had ever been wrapped around a bloke’s waist. Her braless boobs seemed to be very nice and her nipples were doing their best to break through the restraining cotton. They seemed to be quite aroused, probably with the constant rubbing of the rubbery but-tons against the covering material. All in all, I began to get quite a decent hard-on.


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