After Hours (Connoisseur Series)

After Hours (Connoisseur Series)

After Hours (Connoisseur Series)
English | PDF | 40 Pages | 28 MB

After Hours (Connoisseur Series) Vintage Porn PDF Magazine From 70s Hardcore XXX Featuring Nude Sets And Hot Models

“Thank you for the lovely dinner, Roger,” said Melinda. “It was a treat after spending such a hectic day at the sales meeting.” “Well, I’ve noticed you around the office a lot, so this was a perfect opportunity to get to know you better. How about going to my condominium for a drink?”

“That’s a super idea,” she murmured as she pressed her lithe body close to his. Over drinks, Roger described a recent sale he’d made to a difficult client. “I can tell you’re a big success just by looking at you, Roger,” encouraged Melinda.

She turned her quivering body to grasp his stiff penis in her moist lips once again. Then she could bear it no longer. “Give it to me! Give it to me, quickly! I want you inside me!” she commanded breathlessly.

Roger gladly obeyed. He watched his manhood slowly disappear into the depths of this passionately aroused female. He felt her squeeze his prick deliciously as he pounded 1 against her creamy thighs.


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