Adam Volume 11 No 02 February 1967

Adam Volume 11 No 02 February 1967

Adam Volume 11 No 02 February 1967
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Adam Volume 11 No 02 PDF Porn Vintage Magazine Content:
Quack Cures For Impotency!
Don’t Be Trapped By Psychological Job Tests
The Millionaire And The Hollywood Sex Symbol
Adam Visits Charlie Mincus The Set Of The New Dean Martin Ann Margret Matt Ralin Moris

Michele Durer is an exuberant, outgoing type of girl: unhappily, her naturally extroverted behavior caused a bit of embarrassment, and now she is trying to change her ways. One day while she was shopping in a well-known supermarket in Hollywood, she thought she spied an old friend down the aisle.

Quickening her pace, she called to the figure in a blue plaid shirt and levis, “Otto, how are you?” Michele’s face reddened when the figure that turned around was not her friend, but actor Dick Chamberlain. She managed an “Excuse me, I thought you were someone else,” and quickly rounded the aisle, leaving Mr. Chamberlain to himself.

Besides being friendly, Michele is a pretty nice eyeful. Her hazel eyes and auburn hair go very nicely with her lightly freckled face. Miss Durer hasn’t done badly in the other eye beholding areas either. Her fine figure has turned an eye or two of that well-known group of guys who stand on street corners viewing passing scenery.

But Michele has learned her lesson, even if it was the hard way, and there is little chance that she will come running up some day, mistaking you for a friend. She has decided that it is much safer to let her friends say the first hello.


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