Ace Volume 05 No 01 June 1961

Ace Volume 05 No 01 June 1961

Ace Volume 05 No 01 June 1961
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Ace Volume 05 No 01 June 1961 PDF Issue.’ Published bi-monthly by Four Star Publications Incorporated, 509 Fifth Avenue, New York 17. N. Y. Price per copy 50c. Subscriptions $3.00 per year of six issues. Second class mail privileges authorized at New York, N.Y. Postage paid at New York, N.Y. and Canton, Ohio.

What is this feeling? The Human Basic might best define it, and to understand what is meant by that, you must consider the elemental emotions which Eve has devised dance movements to convey. Natural savagery and mankind’s striving to overcome it, innate passion and the battle to transform it into the more idealistic forms of love, the basic hungers of the spirit and the never-ending struggle to civilize those hungers, man’s (or more accurately, woman’s) animal beginnings and constant striving towards further human development—these are the elements of the tale Eve tells in motion.

But, lest the impression be given that Eve’s act is overpowering in its artfulness, let us hasten to add that it is also superb when viewed as just plain old-fashioned torso-tossing. From a slow, insinuating start, Eve builds to a frenzied, heatwave ending where every little movement has an excitement all its own that anybody, high, middle, or lowbrow can appreciate. The proof is in the standing ovations she often receives at the conclusion of the dance. Then the movement’s a mass one—to heap accolades on this top performer!


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