Ace Volume 03 No 03 October 1959

Ace Volume 03 No 03 October 1959

Ace Volume 03 No 03 October 1959
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COVER PHOTO by Ron Vogel Ace Volume 03 No 03 issue. Published bi-monthly by Four Star Publications Incorporated, 509 Fifth Avenue, New York 17, N. Y. Price per copy 50c. Subscriptions $3.00 per year of six issues. Second class mail privileges authorized at New York, N.Y. Postage paid at New York, N.Y. and Miami, Fla. Not responsible for the loss of unsolicited manuscripts and/or photographs. Advertising Representatives, Jaek Blagman, Inc., 509 Fifth Avenue, New York 17, New York. Printed in U.S.A.

BUT I ALWAYS thought you and Harry had the ideal marriage,” said Joanne. Amy bit her lip. “Well, maybe we did once, but things like that change.” The two women were seated across from each other at the kitchen table in Amy’s house. They were on their second cup of coffee and third cigarette. Amy was wearing an apron over blouse and slacks, her brown hair in disarray from a morning of housecleaning. With her thumbnail she was nervously picking at what was left of the polish on her nails. Joanne, as always, was in contrast to Amy. She was dressed stylishly, and sexily, in a simple print dress which hugged every curve of her slim, high-busted figure. Not a curl of her shoulder-length blonde hair was out of place.

From the lacquered toenails peeping out of her open-toed shoes to the precisely right touch of rouge on her cheeks, Joanne’s grooming served to accent her considerable natural attractiveness. She was a divorcee, 25 years old. She and Amy and Amy’s husband, Harry, had known each other. The lingering quality of that relationship manifested itself in light banter when they were together. Amy didn’t seem to mind it and Harry and Joanne found it nostalgically pleasant. But Joanne was also Amy’s friend and now she displayed concern at her marital difficulties. “Honey, I’m not prying,” she said, “but if it would help to tell me about it, then give.” Amy lit another cigarette, jerking the match from side to side irritably to put it out. “To put it simply, Joanne, Harry’s become impotent.” Continued page 72


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