Ab-Gespritzt No 09 June 1993

Ab-Gespritzt No 09 Vintage PDF XXX Magazine Always Cum From Silwa Productions Hardcore XXX Porn Including The Orgasm Garage, Lady Pump, Masturbo-Maids, Spurt It Again Sam!

When it comes to milking off balls I’m a real expert. Once I got the bloke into full swing anything else is easy. I can serve myself and enjoy the delicious cock cream as I please .. .
Go to hell, virtue! What am I to do in paradise when there’s nobody to fuck? Nope, I’d rather stay on earth and have my fun with cocks and tight hall hags. It’s great for my cunt. And here and there’s a drop or two for my gluttonous lips. . .

What’s cum inside my cunt good for? Welt I want the cock to shag me decently. Hut that doesn’t mean he has to blast away this fluid with the horny taste Oh how I love to feel the warm cream on any lips and under my tongue . . .
Cornelia is such a curious so-and-so. She knows exactly that a quivering dong may explode. Still the randy lay carries on wanking the stand. rd bet, next time the spunk is going to hit her right on the eye!
Of course my stud loves it when I suck the spunk off his prick and let him cum on me. But he doesn’t know that he is doing me a great favour: Sperm is a hundred times better for the hot skin than all the expensive cosmetics…

Ab-Gespritzt No 09 June 1993
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 68 Pages | 24 MB


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