50+ Special No 35 (1992)

50+ Special No 35 (1992)

50+ Special No 35 (1992)
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50+ Special No 35 (1992) Vintage Porn Magazine From Tozerward Publishing Company Featuring Michelle Willings, Diana Wynn, Little Oral Annie

I groaned with disappointment but realised that she was trying to give me the utmost pleasure. She continued to suck on the crown and occasionally to move her head up and down so that some of my shaft penetrated her mouth. She was dribbling her saliva down my shaft and I could feel it gathering at the base of my cock. The warmth in my groin had become a raging fire that filled my cock from the tip to my balls.

Suddenly she let my cock slip from the constraint of her lips moving up to smother it with her dangling breasts. Her hands each grasped a breast and pressed it against my straining pole. She rolled her breasts round my cock, the saliva allowing easy movements. Then she got up and turned round, presenting her egg-shaped buttocks with the deep cleavage to my eyes. She squatted over me and reaching down grasped my quivering shaft.

She guided the head to her cunt and lowered herself down on to it. It glided between warm, slick surfaces until the flesh of her buttocks was pressing against my groins. By craning my head forward I could see everything as she lowered and raised herself slowly several times. I knew it wouldn’t take much to make me come. She stopped on an upward stroke, leaving just the head of my cock inside her cunt.

I could see her cunt cream slithering down my shaft to join the saliva pooled in my pubic hair. After a few seconds, she began to move up and down my cock again. Heat and pleasure filled my entire body as she increased her slidings up and down my hard pole. There was a moment of blinding light, a spur of almost painful intensity rasping against my pleasure nerves, and I exploded.


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