38 26 34 Volume 08 No 03 (1971)

38/26/34 Volume 08 No 03 (1971)

38/26/34 Volume 08 No 03 From 70s Vintage PDF Porn Magazine For Adults Only Featuring Roxanne Brewer as Jan, Lori Harmon Juggling her Jugs And More …

Remarks from our readers carry more weight, we feel, than our own editorial attempts to justify our existence as a social commentary. Therefore, we offer this portion of a letter we received from a “professional” reader: It is sort of fascinating to see how your readers are educating you, and my compliments to you for listening. Your issues are getting more responsive and your reader comments more interesting and more honest. I, too, am a professional man and I really believe you can contribute to improved mental health through being responsive. It can only help to relieve some frustrations and to help satisfy libido desires in such a harmless fashion.

38/26/34 Volume 08 No 03 (1971)
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